{ What is Happiness ? }

Each of us wants to be happy. Happiness I think is one of our most basic human desires, and yet so little is known or understood about happiness. Like....What exactly is this feeling of happiness? What causes it? What makes it go away? Could I be Happy permanent?

These are important questions,yet so few people seem to know the answers (including me).

Is it achieving our goals which makes us happy? Is it health or wealth? One would think that having these things would make us happy, but it seems the answer is not so obvious or simple as that.

There are people who are in excellent health and yet desperately unhappy. There are multimillionaires who are miserable. Some people are highly successful in their careers and yet they feel they have nothing.

And then.....there are others who have achieved much less and they are perfectly happy. Obviously there's more here than meets the eye.

Perhaps if one really knew when one was happy we would know the things that were necessary for our life.