{ The Magic Bike }

It's been a rough day. Maybe you overslept, didn't get your coffee or tea, forgot your lunch at home. Maybe you burned your lunch on the stove, forgot to take out the trash, spilled cranberry juice on your new shirt.
Or maybe it hasn't been a rough day, maybe it's been the best of days. You woke up early & watched the sun rise in the sky, maybe you received an e-mail from that one person you love so much but keep missing, maybe you're wearing your favorite pair of shoes.
However it shakes down, this bike is still the same. It's a magical bike. You climb on it, start pedaling, so hard, you're going so fast, it feels like you have taken flight. The colors are blurring past you, everything is green & blue, random bits of brick red tossed in with all the houses you are
This is a magical bike that can take you anywhere.