{ Be A Believer }

I've had my ups and downs like anybody, but I'm a firm believer that a happy life stems from a positive perspective. Change your view of the world and the world changes with you.

Too many people look for disappointment around every corner, and they are always surprised when they find it! You have to approach life openly, prepared for the worst but hoping earnestly for the best. Look for love and happiness instead. If someone hurts you, don't dwell on it after the fact. Regardless of intentions, it is not important to you or your happiness. What other people think or say of you in the long term is completely outside of your control, so don't beat yourself up over it. You must have the strength and resolve to accept the pain, and move on.

Believe in yourself. Remember to be true to yourself and seek happiness with every breath. When you have found happiness, don't let others take it from you. Once you are happy, you can pass that positive energy on to others.

Remember you are in total control of your happiness. Use that power for good......and be happy.