{ 1 Year Old }

That's right! One year ago this past week I decided to start a blog--and here I am! Believe me when I tell you that I didn't really know what a blog was. But I kept hearing about them and finally I asked someone to help me set it up. (Thanks, Sontjie!) I figured that if I could ever get the hang of it, I could use it to share some inspirational thoughts with all my family and friends. And so “Inspirations from the Oosthuizen’s “blog was born.
I have to admit that it got off to a slow start. I did a few posts that first week in June and hoped someone would read them. Someone did--a few of my family members tried very hard to boost my morale. In fact, that whole first year was rather slow. I read other blogs and found them so attractive. I kept thinking that there had to be a way to "jazz" mine up a bit but I really lacked the confidence to try--had no idea how to add photos!
After the first year I decided to get brave and was determined to figure out how to post photos. I know, I know! There are directions but somehow trying to read them and follow them all at the same time wasn't easy. Once I figured that out, however, my blog began to take on a personality. Then I became fascinated with the "Add a Gadget" feature and my sidebar began to grow. This blog was moving from a new born to becoming a toddler and....here I am one year later, having had a few facelifts!
One of the most wonderful features of my blog is not so much how much I post but the inspirational words in every single blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading posts on the blogs I follow and I continue to be honoured that I have family and friends that read my blog. You'll never know how excited I get when I see a “comment” or a “like” when I add a post on my Facebook page.
And so my journey into the blogosphere continues with every day bringing something new. The experience has truly convinced me that it is a "small world after all." Special blessings to all who have been reading my blog, hope it has inspired you.