{ Monday Blues }

It's amazing how many people begin their day - not with a sense of inspiration, but with disappointment, depression and even desperation. Their alarm clocks rings, and instead of jumping out of bed filled with thankfulness for another day of life, their thoughts drop into despair as they realize that their day is filled with tasks labeled with stickey coloured stickers "must do's", none of which are things that they love to do !

Last week I've read an article in the newspaper that many people feel so "gloomy" about getting up and facing their daily tasks and responsibilities that more people suffer heart attacks at seven o'clock on Monday mornings than at other times of the week. Can you believe it ?

The irony is that it's just as simple to fill your day with things you love to do as it to fill your day with things you must do or need to do. We sometimes forget that we have the power to create the life we love.

When we trust and follow our inner voice, we remember that each day is a gift, and we make a commitment to appreciate that gift by working towards what we love.

I believe that the more you do what you love and love what you do, the more fulfilling your entire life becomes.