{ The Internet }

I absolutely adore the internet. In fact, I can't imagine how we ever existed before it. I know it has a somewhat depressing image of lots of sad and isolated people hanging over their lonely computer, but I suspect the truth is the opposite. It is a real modern community. I love reading people's blogs, I love booking flights or Hotels as easily as ordering my favourite ice-cream.
The internet is quite simply a miracle. It even let you keep in contact with far away family and friends....how cool is that ?
Of all the modern inventions I can think of, the internet is potentially life-enriching. I don't buy the idea that life was better when there was no internet, or when our parents use to talked over the garden wall rather via the internet. Those days had gone before the internet even arrived. In fact it has given us a global wall to lean over and chat.
And I for one am more than happy to do so.